TV Installation

TV Installation

We offer TV installation across the UK for home and commercial use. If you are looking for a quote to hang your TV on a wall, please complete our contact form.

TV Wall Mount Install

TV Wall Mount Install

Looking for a TV Wall Mount install? Our team provide great prices for the installation of TVs on walls. Please get in touch for details.

TV Installation Near Me

Need help with a TV installation service but don't want to spend a fortune? Struggling to access your favourite channels? Maybe you have a new television, and it simply won't do what you're asking of it!

Get your tv installed

In any case, our team will always be able to help you with any old, brand new, or flashy flat-screen TV installing queries you may have. From physical TV mount assistance to help with tuning the right channels, we have more than a few years of experience in the trade between us!

Despite our name, we're more than just aerial repair and satellite installation experts. We can be called on as local experts for television hanging, tuning, home theatre installations and more besides.

Just because the work is finished outside doesn't mean you're ready to go with your new package right away. Understanding how to mount your telly and how to get it working can be tricky!

Need help from an experienced TV fitter near me? Worried about attempting television hanging on your own? Call us for a quote right away – and we'll be round to helping you as soon as possible.

TV Wall Mounts Installation

Plenty of people make use of TV wall mounting installation services. Hanging a television unit on a wall bracket can look fabulous in a suitable space! It's long been a commercial standard. Now, however, homes across our surrounding areas and beyond are setting up their flat-screen TVs face-on. It's a great way to clear space, too!

However, attempting a TV mount can be tricky. Even if you have a few people around you to help! Our team knows all of the fixtures and fittings when it comes to TV mounts.

"Very Professional, Excellent service, provided a free quote and carried out an excellent job had new aerials put into three rooms. I would use this service again and recommend it to others - Very Happy."

What's more, we're fully versed in health and safety and can assure you that we will take the utmost care with your televisual pride and joy.

Getting a great system set up isn't just about getting the right aerial or satellite installation sorted out. It's about tuning in the right channels and making sure you know how everything works. Don't worry! We'll show you the ropes.

TV Wall Mount Installation Service

We offer TV wall mounting installation services for customers nearby and throughout our local catchment area. We will also be able to roll in TV installation along with tuning and wall mounting as part of a standard digital aerial or satellite install job.

Whether you're running Sky (, Freeview, Freesat, or otherwise, we have the tools, the hardware and the experience to get your system and home theatre up and running in no time at all. Why tackle it all yourself when an expert can take on the tricky jobs for you?

You may even be taking on a simple CCTV install job ( and need a television set up at the same time! No problem – just let us know your needs and we'll get started!

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TV Wall Mount Installation Cost

Before setting up a flat screen on a wall bracket setting, you will probably need to know a bit more about the potential wall-mounted TV fixture cost. We're upfront with all our install service costs. This means that we won't head out to you until you're happy with a quote we've offered you. We won't sneak in any extra fees or charges along the way, either.

We think it is always worth seeking help from our experts in new TV installation if you aren't confident about the TV hanging on your own.

TVs are sensitive, expensive pieces of equipment! If you slip, or if the fittings you use aren't sturdy enough, you could be looking at a lot of money spent on repairs and replacements. Why risk it?

Our friendly installers and experts will take incredible care with your setup. Simply let us know what you need and we will take the time to make sure your TV hangs proudly from wherever you need it to go.

TV Fitters

Many TV fitters will simply offer basic aerial and satellite dish fitting as standard. What sets our team and services apart from the pack is the fact that we offer you full service inside and out.

Need help setting up a telly or cinema system and arranging for a satellite or aerial to be fitted? Let us know and we will quote you for the whole service. We will then be able to attend to the whole package for you in one simple visit.

Interested in setting up an advanced cinema system or new TV rig? We will be happy to offer you several recommendations and ideas, too – all you have to do is ask! Our local team is waiting to take your call and quote you for your project.

Home Cinema

Home cinema systems are all the rage! It's now more common than ever for families to set up amazing new TV displays and speaker systems to enjoy in the comfort of their own living spaces.

There are plenty of great reasons why a cinema system may be worth your consideration. We also know what goes into building the best home cinema system around.

  • Ultra 4K quality visuals and beyond
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Surround-sound technology
  • Smart home technology
  • Hub or app connectivity
  • All of your entertainment stored on one device

Why not ask our team to help set you up with a brilliant, working home cinema system?

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TV Hanging Bracket

Setting up a new TV hanging bracket can be tricky work, but you won't have to go it alone. If you're bamboozled by instructions or just need some plain-spoken advice, our team of engineers always know what it takes to get things set up.

Let us set up your television and mount for you as part of your aerial installation -

Other Services We Offer

Television Installers

We consider ourselves flexible television installers. We have enough years in the trade between us to know what to look for when hooking up homes across our region and beyond.

Need help hanging a TV or setting up a bracket? Fill in our contact form for more information on TV installation and the costs involved.

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